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Chola Musical Productions Inc.«

Chola Musical Productions Inc.« is a label descended from a storied history of Latin music production companies. This label specializes in, (but is not limited to,) Popular Latin Dance Music, Latin Jazz, and World Music genres. Chola's Executive Advisor is the noted Percussionist, Vocalist, and Musical Director, JosÚ Mangual Jr.

The roots of Chola Musical Productions Inc. lay deep within the simmering cauldron of New York City's Popular Latin Dance Music - Salsa.

In 1977 after a decade of performance as a member of the Willie Colon Orchestra, The Hector Lavoe Orchestra, and Fania Records, Mr. Mangual decided to produce and record his own release entitled "Tribute to Chano Pozo". This album would not only become a Salsa Classic, but the flagship of his own labels, beginning with True Ventures Corp. , and later, Campanero Productions Inc. .

Chola Musical Productions Inc. is the exclusive administrator and owner of JosÚ Mangual Jr.'s complete musical catalog. All songs in that catalog are owned by Boricua Blues Publishing «, an ASCAP affiliate. Through the stewardship of these works, Chola Musical Productions Inc. continues a grand musical tradition, and adds another note to what is a proven and illustrious "Score of Excellence".


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